The Greatest Three Restaurants in Las Vegas

las vegas french restaurant

las vegas french restaurant

Las Vegas is definitely a tourist trap, so it should be common sense that there are plenty of great restaurants with overpriced food. I travel to Las Vegas frequently on business trips, and I know my way around the cuisine there. Not a lot of people really know which restaurants to go to when it’s their first time in Las Vegas, but hopefully my thoughts will assist anyone who needs help.

las vegas french restaurant

The first restaurant I’m going to review is a personal favorite, even though all three of these pretty much are. Mon Ami Gabi is a French restaurant, which you don’t see a ton of in Las Vegas. Not good ones, at least. Mon Ami Gabi does everything right, whether it’s the food, the service, or the overall ambience. Located right on the Vegas Strip, you’re not too far from any of the great Las Vegas attractions.

My favorite dish to order is the lobster roll, but don’t worry if you’re not really that much into seafood. Mon Ami Gabi is more of a steakhouse, so it should not come as a surprise that you’ll find very high quality food here. High quality steaks and seafood comprise the majority of the menu, and it all sounds really good.

It is both a blessing and a curse that the dishes are so filling, because it seems like Mon Ami Gabi doesn’t serve any bad food. I know I am guilty of using the expression “French proportions, but that’s not actually true when it comes to this Las Vegas restaurant. Las Vegas isn’t especially close to any coast, but I know you will be surprised at how fresh the lobster tastes.

Assuming you get the same meal as me, of course. Another thing I love about Mon Ami Gabi is the quality of the service. Lots of restaurants in Las Vegas just operate under the assumption that they are desired by everyone, which is really not the case. Having wait staff that is really down to earth and friendly makes the experience better, and it’s one of the many reasons that I look forward to coming back for.

Food isn’t everything in a a restaurant, after all. One thing that I really love about the waiters is their willingness to try food on the menu, as they can provide recommendations both from a personal standpoint and what the customers are ordering as well. The waiters at Mon Ami Gabi always make sure that your glass is full, and on multiple occasions I have seen them wipe down a table right after customers leave.

Nobody wants to eat at a dirty table, and it is absolutely a priority no matter how busy the restaurant is. Would you rather have too many customers or no customers? Either way, Mon Ami Gabi is really good in this aspect and it is much appreciated. The last thing I would like to mention about this Las Vegas steakhouse is the ambience.

Something about the lighting and music make it really enjoyable, and it makes me want to bring my wife on a date here. Maybe I’ll have to bring her along with me on the next business trip, so she can try the lobster roll as well. Overall a very good restaurant, and there’s nothing that could keep me from coming back. It seems that all of the people who wrote the amazing reviews had the same general idea as me.

las vegas seafood restaurant great

Next up, there’s Luke’s Lobster Las Vegas. That’s a real tongue twister. Again, you this restaurant is located right on the Las Vegas Strip. There are a lot of restaurants on the Strip, so if I’m mentioning one on this list that means that it must be really great. Mon Ami Gabi serves great seafood, but they specialize in steak and French cuisine as well.

Luke’s Lobster Las Vegas focuses solely on seafood, and I’m not complaining. Even though I have a sweet spot for lobster, I have to say that the clam chowder here is my favorite dish. Never stops me from ordering an entree as well, though. All I have to do is order a cup instead of a bowl. One thing I have noticed when eating here is how clean the restaurant’s interior is.

I’ve never seen any major smudges or detritus on anything, which is always nice. The most important part of keeping a restaurant clean, in my opinion, is the restaurant’s kitchen. Exhaust hoods, for example, are one of the most overlooked things in a kitchen. If Luke’s Lobster Las Vegas is interested, one of the businesses I’m familiar with in Vegas is some great restaurant hood cleaners.

They do anything, from regular hood cleaning to restaurant cleaning services. I don’t have a super accurate description of the details, but that’s why they have an about page for people like me. Keep doing what you do best, Luke’s Lobster Las Vegas! There are no shortage of great reviews, so make sure to read them for suggestions on what to order.

sandwich shop in vegas

Lastly, there’s Earl of Sandwich. I can never pass up a good sandwich, especially not one that’s made in Las Vegas. Can you guess where this one’s located? If you guessed the outskirts of Vegas, you would be wrong. Earl of Sandwich also happens to be found on the Las Vegas Strip.

I have considered visiting each of these restaurants in the same day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I’m sure the calorie count would be too excessive for my body. Earl of Sandwich does something that few restaurants in Vegas do, and that’s offering affordable food. What’s the point of serving great food if nobody can afford it, right?

This Las Vegas restaurant eliminates that issue, and it is much appreciated. Earl of Sandwich is a great restaurant to bring your family, as you can afford to feed everyone. Even a group event with friends would be fine, and you could handle the entire check. And finally, again, the positive online reviews here should not come as a shock.