Top Three Restaurants in Los Angeles

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As someone who’s relatively experienced with Los Angeles (lived here for a few years), it should not come off as a surprise that I am well-versed in the cuisine. Because L.A. is so big, there are a ton of different restaurants, as well as a ton of types of restaurant. Lots of people have trouble narrowing down which ones to go to, so hopefully my reviews will help you decide where your next meal comes from.

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Howlin’ Ray’s is first on the list, because there is a TON to say about this restaurant. Nothing bad, however. First of all, make sure to be in New Chinatown in Los Angeles. This restaurant can get packed, so you know the food is good. Even though it gets packed pretty frequently, whoever designed the interior did a good job of making sure that it felt roomy.

There can be a ton of people in the restaurant, but you never feel cramped or anything. It’s just a matter of seating, is all. Howlin’ Ray’s has great variety on the menu, but still primarily specializes in Southern food. Especially chicken. It may not seem like there is a whole lot that you can do with chicken, but you would be surprised with the selection on the menu at Howlin’ Ray’s.

My favorite dish to order is the Howlin’ Spicy Chicken. Even a white boy such as myself can eat it and tolerate the heat, which I like. Some places put way too much heat in their food, and it doesn’t matter what the food tastes like because I can’t eat it regardless. Another thing I love about Howlin’ Ray’s is the consistency in the food. As in, it tastes great every time I go.

Nothing is worse than eating something and loving it, but then ordering it again and being disappointed. Howlin’ Ray’s is also a great place to bring your kids, as the food is priced affordably and the restaurant is very clean. Not once have I found anything on my glass or silverware that wasn’t supposed to be there, and that is how restaurant sanitation should be.

If you do choose to bring your kids, they could likely share a meal as well. I have found that the helpings at Howlin’ Ray’s are bigger than your average restaurant, and I’m not afraid of taking the leftovers home. One thing that the management should keep in mind is that frying a lot of the food means the restaurant’s kitchen will have large amounts of grease.

This can be potentially hazardous in the presence of heat, as grease fires are not uncommon. Los Angeles has plenty of hood cleaning companies, but after talking with multiple restaurant owners I know that there is one restaurant hood cleaner they prefer to work with. They enjoy the fact that they are offered multiple additional services, such as rooftop grease containment.

How many other hood cleaners in Los Angeles do that? I was curious to learn more about Los Angeles Hood Cleaning after hearing about it, so I went online and read their about page. If you’re going to operate a great restaurant, you might as well pay for a great hood cleaning, right?

It’s difficult for me to analyze every aspect of Howlin’ Ray’s without being there in person as I write, but fortunately there are plenty of amazing online reviews you can read. Just in case you’re curious about other things the Los Angeles restaurant gets right.

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Next up, I’m going to talk about Marugame Monzo. Asian fusion isn’t for everyone, but after the first time eating here I realized it was for me. This time around, you will be eating in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Here, my favorite dish to order is the sea urchin cream udon.

Admittedly, I was apprehensive to order it just after hearing the name alone. I’m glad that I gave in and tried it, because I was not disappointed. I have also heard that the mentai squid butter udon is great, so I will have to try it next time I eat at Marugame Monzo. Again, this restaurant is very clean.

Nothing seemed out of order, from what I could see. There are more Asian restaurants in Los Angeles than I can count, but there’s one primary thing that makes Marugame Monzo stand out from the competition. That would be the service. Friendly and helpful staff that know and love the food they serve only add to the restaurant experience.

It is safe to say that Marugame Monzo is one of the best Asian restaurants in California, and that’s no exaggeration. If it wasn’t, then I wouldn’t eat here regularly or put it on my list, would I? I’m clearly not the only one who thinks this way, because there are a lot of positive reviews you can read that agree with my stance.

italian food los angeles great

The third restaurant I will be reviewing is Bestia. Bestia is located in downtown Los Angeles, close to the Museum of Ice Cream. I’ve been to the museum, and it’s not as boring as you would think. Perfect place to tour before or after your meal. This Los Angeles restaurant focuses primarily on Italian food, but there’s also special emphasis on the pizza side.

I’m not complaining. Once you eat a real pizza from a wood-fired stove, Domino’s isn’t even an option anymore. Here, my favorite dish to order is the Spaghetti Rustichella. Dungeness crab is quite possibly my favorite food on the planet, and my already-high expectations were met when I tried it for the first time at Bestia.

I tend to order the same dish whenever I go to a restaurant repeatedly, but there are still plenty of things to order on the menu here. You’re not just limited to pasta, either. That’s a common misconception when eating at Italian restaurants in Los Angeles. Bestia is a very high end restaurant, so I doubt you will find anything other than praise in the amazing online reviews.