Miami’s Top Three Greatest Restaurants

miami restaurant indian chicken

miami italian restaurant

Miami has long been known for being a foodie town, mostly because it’s a tourist trap and has a lot of high-end restaurants. But what about those small, hidden gems where you don’t spend your entire paycheck in one sitting. I’ve compiled this list of my favorite restaurants to help you out. After all, I’m just looking out for the little guy.

miami restaurant indian chicken

I’m going to kick this review off with some food that kicks back, also known as Indian food. Punjab Indian Cafe offers a wide variety of unique food that I doubt you’ve ever heard of, but it’s all very good nonetheless. This restaurant is located in Miami’s Westchester neighborhood. Not a ton of scenery, but I doubt you would want to walk around and spill your curry all over yourself.

I used to be afraid to order anything other than the mushroom masala, because I was apprehensive as to whether or not everything on the menu was as perfect. Rest assured, I brought a friend with me the last time I ate at this restaurant and he loved the food as well. I’ll probably stick with my mainstay, because the mushroom masala is delicious. Other dishes I’ve seen people order were butter chicken (more nuanced than the title suggests) and goat punjab curry.

Everything looks great, so maybe I can just bring my kids next time and steal food off of their plates. They can’t stop me. Punjab Indian Cafe is a nice location for families to eat as well, because the whole menu is priced affordably and the entire restaurant is really clean. I think I even saw my table sparkle last time before we sat down. In case you were wondering, the bathrooms were also very clean.

I doubt that anyone actually would, but the toilets looked clean enough to wash your hands in. When you live in a third world country, sometimes that’s all you have. After leaving your positive review on Yelp like I did, maybe you’ll even spot my family’s great online reviews? After all, there are four of us.

miami latin gourmet restaurant

Next up, my family would shame me if I forgot to mention Latin food when talking about Miami. Lola’s Gourmet serves food that caters to anyone’s palate, but the tapas here are to die for. I’m considering finishing this article later and just going out to get some right now. Expect to be dining around Coral Way in Miami if you’re thinking about eating here.

Pretty close to the waterfront, so make sure to wear good shoes and you can sit on the shoreline while eating amazing food. Anybody who enjoys good food, look no further. All of the ingredients just taste so fresh, and the chefs don’t hold back when it comes to proportions. Here’s another restaurant that is super reasonable with their food prices, but it’s more than that.

Any restaurant could just buy canned food and only charge a dollar for it or something. Lola’s Gourmet feels like a personal experience that’s hand crafted just for you, as the waiters are all very friendly and will start to recognize you given time. There’s plenty of people who the waiters treat as regulars. I absolutely love when waiters smile, even during the rush hour time of the day when you know they’re having a horrible time.

These waiters are so professional that they even maintain their composure when cranky old people start to yell (and believe me, they have). But they don’t act snooty and ignore you, the waiters all make sure you have everything you need so that you’re enjoying your meal. Once you’re inside, the restaurant is very beautiful. Lots of windows to create natural lighting, but when it gets dark at night then the owner makes sure to dim the interior lighting so it creates a romantic mood.

Perfect spot for a romantic date. Latin food involves a lot of frying, which means the kitchen will be filled with grease. Since the owner is such a friendly guy, I suggested to my boss that we should give him a discount if he chooses to do business with our Miami hood cleaning company. Kindness is always appreciated, and should always be rewarded.

As for my online review, you guys should all know by now that I make sure to leave great online reviews whenever I like some food at a restaurant. Miami restaurants need all the help and reputation they can get, in such a competitive industry in one of the most popular American tourist destinations.

italian restaurant miami amazing

Miami doesn’t exactly sound like a cultural hub for Italians, but after you dine at Giovanni’s Ristorante you’ll leave thinking you’re in Italy. Here’s another restaurant for all of you who live in Miami’s Westchester area. From the aesthetic to the food to the waiters, there is nothing that this restaurant does wrong.

It’s definitely a classier establishment, but the prices are still reasonable for what they offer you. I love the classics, so you’ll never catch me ordering anything other than fettucini alfredo. If you do, it’s probably because I’m at Giovanni’s Ristorante where everything is cooked to perfection. These reviews may seem like puff pieces to some, but I assure you that I would not put a restaurant on this list unless I absolutely loved it.

By the way, this restaurant is the very definition of classy. Not only is there live music, but the waiters (and waitresses) all look very dapper. There is not a single person who works at Giovanni’s Ristorante that isn’t well dressed. Interior decoration may not be important to a lot of people, but it shows how much the owner cares what the inside of his restaurant looks like. If a Miami restaurant looks ugly, that’s because it’s out of business.

Most people would be surprised at how much thought and effort goes into running and maintaining a restaurant. For anyone else who is still interested in hearing about more of my favorite Miami restaurants, find my profile on google and read each one of my amazing online reviews for Giovanni’s Ristorante among others. Good night.