Places I want to visit

I don’t normally go on vacations, but I recently I have started enjoying going to places more. Typically I’m a home body, but now I actually feel like leaving my neighborhood. I think the main issue I had previously was just me being afraid of not knowing exactly where I am. If I had the chance, I would definitely go on a road trip. I would want a group of friends with me so that I felt more secure, just in case things went sideways. The only issue is that my dad would never let me go, and I would probably have to manage the whole trip because I don’t exactly have the best friends for planning. I have no idea how Joan plans on being able to rent out properties to others, because he’s such a terrible planner.

Fortunately for him, I helped him find a reno carpet cleaning company, in case he needs to repair any of the flooring in said rentals.. I actually thought that I was going to move to the U.K. in 2015, because my mom was going to move for school. She never ended up doing it, which was probably for the best. There’s no way I could have handled being in a different city. I’d be terrified. Even as much as I’ve moved, I’ve only ever lived in two different cities. Visiting France might be nice, if they spoke english in the majority of the places that I went to. Hopefully nobody perceives me as some dumb, loud american tourist. One of my best friends lived in France, but she’s gone now.

Mexico might be a nice place to visit, and I understand a lot of Spanish, but there’s just so much corruption down there. You can never truly know if you’re safe. Plus, everyone in Mexico probably thinks everyone in the U.S. is a racist because they think Trump is a racist. Some day I might go visit our past exchange student in Norway. Her name’s Emilie, and she’s around 19 I think. She might be 20. Norway has an extra year of schooling as opposed to the U.S., and all college is supposedly free. There might be some more specifics, but I don’t know much beyond that.