What I did this weekend

I wonder if anybody is noticing an recurring themes within my blog posts? If not, I don’t really care. You’d have to cross-reference the dates across multiple websites to even determine the order I wrote them in, and that’s assuming somebody even took the time to read all the way up to the good parts. And THAT would be assuming that someone even managed to find one of my articles and read them. Anyways, there was a sale at Grassroots books this last Sunday so Steph and I went. It was a bag sale, but sometimes they’re called sack sales. You basically just pay a flat fee for a bag and then fill it up with as many books as you want.

I got about 20 books in a grocery-sized bag, but it was super heavy and Steph took forever to find books. She’s too picky. I just grabbed anything informational that sounded interesting to me, but she prefers novels. I don’t like novels because the end is all that really matters, and I can just google it in a matter of seconds. Unless it’s some kind of amazing cult classic, there’s no way I’m wasting that much time on an informationless book. The ones I grabbed were from every topic, though. I got the “Guide for the Advanced Soul”, which is basically just a bunch of spiritual quotes. I’m into the whole brevity thing, so I only prefer the ones that are like one-liners.

Another book I grabbed was one on personal finance in your 20s and 30s. It provides info about taxes and investing and insurance, stuff like that. It was put together from a few hundred different sources, so hopefully it’s good. I have’t dug very deep into it yet. I have dug pretty deep into how good the best reno chiropractor is, though. I forget the exact title, but another book I got was a guide on how to make friends and influence people. So far, the author just uses metaphors and analogies that vaguely relate to the subject, but none of them really make any sense. He’ll use examples of natural selection to teach you how to greet people.