More stories about Gabe

As I mentioned in my previous work, Gabe is my “cousin” who was pretty much my best friend for most of my childhood. Ever since I moved to my most recent house in 2012, Gabe and I would spend every weekend hanging out. During summer we would actually spend the night at each other’s houses so often that there was usually only one or two days each week that we didn’t see each other. The majority of our time was spent playing video games, because I got an Xbox 360 as well in 2012.

He had already had one for a few years, but before that we just had to play on Jason’s. His family usually buys him expensive stuff so that they’ll leave him alone. It’s actually pretty sad to think about sometimes. In any event, we would also go to Wild Island, the only water park in Reno. Wild Island is definitely my favorite water park of any that I’ve ever been to, and there’s only one that I can think of in Oregon that I live close enough to go to. If we weren’t playing games then we were riding our bikes to Burger King or the nearby convenience store to buy drinks/candy.

Sometimes we would go walk the mountain by my place, but because it was so scorching hot outside there wasn’t really much to do out there. It was more fun to sit inside and play games, which was only possible because the reno air conditioning repair guys did such a good job. There is one small cliff that overlooks Huffaker Park, so on occasion we would buy our drinks and then ride over to the mountain and eat and drink while watching people play games or whatever they were doing at the park. It was only a few years ago when Gabe stopped spending the night at my house, because one night he randomly started crying for his mom. After that, his aunt wouldn’t let him stay the night at my house anymore. Now that he doesn’t go back to Jason’s house anymore, we don’t really have any venue for hanging out other than the mall